zondag 4 januari 2009

How can I "KISS MY, GRITS!" in the blue skies?

Did "Alice Hyatt" from the 1970s TV show "ALICE" help pave the way to great Customer Service? Why is it everytime I fly in economy I am treated like a second class citizen, but when I go into first class I am treated like a star or at least a guy who paid a little extra money to get a little bit of customer service. In fact, in economy they will scream at you before takeoff and landing, if your seat is not put up in the upright position and then in first class I can literally get away with murder before takeoff with my plastic glass of cheap champagne that cost me $1000 extra. However as soon as we get prepared to land, I am back to economy status with the flight attendant yelling at me to put my seat up in the upright position. How far does the extra money go to produce some decent customer service when flying? I don't know, it may depend on the type of people that are fyling the blue skies! Customer Service people or not?

No really, customer service is long gone. One day when I flew into Newark, NJ, I went to a bar to order a beer. Well you see, there was this Rockin' 50s diner that looked pretty cool. Based on the music, Dick Clark's face on the screen and the atmosphere, I decided to spend my hardworking cashola on a nice tasty, cold beer. 

Well when I arrive to the diner's bar, a red haired lady, that resembled "Alice Hyatt" from the 1970s TV show "ALICE" was wiping the counter with a stinky bleached white rag. After the smell of yucky toilets on the bar counter, I asked her politely for a beer and she said, "Honey, I'm closed." I then said, "its 2pm?" She said, "I ain't no chicken head, I'm closed!" As I reminded myself that I was stuck in the lost customer service world,  I then took a defensive tact (in order to get a beer) and proceeded to say, "Well, would you mine if I order a beer here and then go sit at the table?" She said, "I'm closed, allright"

Well, right there I was truly reminded that customer service was still a lost world. Will we find it again? or is it lost in the infinite black hole of our no ethics, respect, and/or dignity society? Why does everyone always pick on me? 

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I'm still laughing at, "it's 2pm" and "I ain't no chickenhead".

  2. What is ironic is that the special that day was apparently fried chicken.