zondag 4 januari 2009

Do the Garbage men really care?

Ok, where I live they only pickup your trash every two weeks. Allright I know it sucks, but its all I got. On top of that, the garbage company gave me two cans. One for trash of course and the other for dirt, grass clippings, weeds, twigs, etc. For blog purposes, lets call it the "Biodegradable can" You get the point. 

Well the two cans are easily distinguished, as they are both different colors. Being a human, I just can't get away from the mistakes in life. One night when I just got home from a long day at work, I accidentally threw a coke can in the "Biodegradable can"! "You don't mean it", I am sure you are saying right now. Well unfortunately, I had a brain fart and told my stinky brain that night that I would for sure get that empty coke can out of there in the morning and put it in the proper container.

After a long restless sleepy night, I got up, got my coffee and was late for work. With a bagel in the mouth, coffee in the left hand and my keys in the right, I had to take a raincheck on the proper disposing event of the infamous empty coke can.

Well as the week went by, I completely neglected the can, for my life to find customer service took its course once again. Come Friday, I was off and having a great day. Oh wait a minute, today is "Biodegradable Can" pick up day. I am so excited! : ) Yeah or trash pickup day! 

I put the can out on my front yard hoping for the garbage men to whisk it away. Well, as soon as the garbage man came up to take my can away, he then opened it, shook his head, and then proceeded to write me a nasty note and posted it on the can. The note said that if I ever put trash in my "Biodegradable Can" again and not the trash can, then I will get a ticket from the city garbage company. He left the can and did not empty it.

When did the garbage man grow a brain? When did the garbage man get so powerful? Can garbage men issue tickets or was that guy being a wise guy? Should I have majored in garbage engineering or garbage criminology? Why do garbage men make the most money and then go surfing in Malibu chasing crooks in the night like that cool movie in the 80s, "Men at Work"? Why does everyone always pick on me?

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Don't mess with the garbage man he will screw up your WHOLE life! Then he will shoot you with a BB Gun from one building over as you have an argument with your girlfriend. Then when you are lying on the ground hitmen will come in but the garbage man and Emilio Estevez won't see you because they are hiding just below the window sill.

  2. My problem is that any passer-by could have thrown that coke can in there.

    I was thinking that since your blog is in English since you are in face AMERICAN that the rest of the words should be in English as well.

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